Pott Farms is an educational regenerative hemp farm located in Willis, MI. We provide supportive
job training for young adults who have experienced poverty and trauma, and they help us grow our certified USDA Organic hemp.

Co-founder, Robbin Pott, is a certified Soil Food Web consultant, and leads our on-the-farm training program. She also offers Living Soil Services to provide soil biology testing, consulting, education, and biologically-active compost amendments.

Our supportive training program is funded by the revenue the farm generates from sales of our USDA certified organic hemp flower, CBD Topical, and from our Living Soil Services.

Our Products

Our hemp is USDA Certified Organic.

We hand-trim and slow cure our best buds for our CBD hemp flower.

We then hand-craft CBD extract to create our earthy topical using organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Living Soil Services

Co-founder, Robbin Pott, is a certified consultant by Dr. Elaine Ingham's Soil Food Web School and is trained to use a microscope to assess soil biology, create biologically-active compost and soil amendments, and to provide guidance on how to cultivate the life in the soil.

  • Hemp flower growing in sunshine
  • Bee hive frame with capped honey and bees
  • hands trimming hemp plant
  • patch of black-eyed susan flowers
  • water sprinkling from green watering can spout