Fall 2023 Newsletter

Fall 2023 Newsletter


This is our very first newsletter! With it, we hope to connect with our community by sharing updates about the farm and our products, and providing a little education about regenerative farming and cannabis. You are receiving it because sometime in the past you supported us in some way. Thank you! 


We've been settling  into our own farm in Willis Michigan for almost 2 years now. It is a beautiful place with acres of woods, a lovely pond, and three cleared acres for us to grow on. We just harvested our first crop here after an abundant season. The image above is our back yard view of the woods and pond right now.


You probably know that we use regenerative farming methods to grow healthy and strong hemp plants. But, we also are regenerating the lives of young people with lived-experience of trauma, poverty, and discrimination.  This season, I fostered older teens at the farm and got to see first-hand how just being here can be healing for youth in crisis. 


We also partnered with local social service agencies to provide supportive job training opportunities for these youth who helped care for and harvest the crop, and who will continue to help through post-harvest processing. This has always been the core purpose of the farm and we are so grateful that all the pieces have come together so nicely to meet it.



We are so excited to have reached this milestone!! But, there is more work for us to do. In the coming months we will be reworking our entire product line to be made with our certified crop so we can certify them as organic as well. 


This means that some of our products are temporarily unavailable - we apologize for this. Our production plan is to:


  • Release our 2023 Cherry Wine and Queen Dream dried flower.
  • Re-release new batches of our CBD Oil in capsules and bottles.

We appreciate your patience with us. We are still a small operation and need this time to ensure you are getting the best possible hemp products.



We are starting another new tradition - Pop-up Shops! Periodically, we will be offering branded merchandise for sale for a limited time as another way for our community to support and promote our work. 


Our first shop is open and includes a Pott Farms Comfort Color t-shirt available in the colors Hemp, Pepper and White, and a Pott Farms Carhartt hoodie in Carbon Heather. 




We will then submit all the orders for printing and items will be SHIPPED NOVEMBER 27th.











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