About Us

Our Vision

Pott Farms is a regenerative hemp farm dedicated to responsibly producing great CBD products. We are a mission-driven low-profit limited liability company (L3C) based in Washtenaw County, Michigan and our work is grounded in our commitment to social, economic and environmental justice.

What does it mean to us to be regenerative? It means that our systems are designed to restore rather than deplete our resources and to fairly distribute the fruits of our work.

We are committed to:

  • Our environment - we cultivate living soil for the healthiest plants and planet.
  • Our community - we create job opportunities for youth from areas hardest hit by cannabis prohibition.
  • Our customers - we carefully craft small batches of full spectrum CBD products that make you feel good.

We believe that a company can be a wise steward of our resources, care for the people who both produce and consume our products, and fairly distribute the wealth that it generates.

Managing Members

Robbin Pott. Founding member and creator of Pott Farms.


Robbin Pott, Founding Member and Creator

Pott Farms is a combination of all the things I care about. I absolutely love growing things and caring for our natural world, but I considered that a hobby during the 20 years I spent as a child advocate trained in law and public policy research. My previous work with struggling youth helped me understand that a major obstacle to their stability was a lack of supported economic opportunity. In 2015, I decided to start moving away from academics and start Pott Farms as a restorative solution.

For the past three years, I been studying and practicing regenerative farming, learning about living soil and cultivating hemp naturally as I worked with a wonderful and dedicated team to design a prototype farm and training program for youth. I am fortunate to have trained with the Soil Food Web School and I am now certified to conduct soil biology evaluations.

Please feel free to contact me directly at robbin@pottfarms.org.


Tony Gonzalez. Founding member and principal engineer.

Tony Gonzalez, Founding Member and Principal Engineer

I am a manufacturing engineer with with degrees from MIT and University of Michigan and more than twenty years experience. I have worked in manufacturing my whole career and most of that time in the medical device industry. Working in the medical device industry has taught me a good deal about working in highly regulated environments.

I enjoy working on the technical challenges we have at Pott Farms. We try to add as little material as possible to the spaces we work in. Crafting drying apparatus, developing products and refurbishing a greenhouse have all been fun projects.

I enjoy bringing my two Irish Wolfhounds to the farm for a good run around the acreage. I am a lifelong soccer player and am the president of my local adult recreational outdoor soccer league.

 Irish wolfhounds love Pott Farms!

Find me at tony@pottfarms.org


Robyn Smith, Founding Member and Branding Director

Robyn Smith, Founding Member and Branding Director

Hello! I began my career 13 years ago in graphic design working on identity, layout, illustration and advertising. Throughout those years, I created brand identities for multiple companies including LoveBook, McNeil Group, Shop803, Fit by Anna, and more. The most extensive part of my career was with LoveBook. From 2010-2019, I helped build the LoveBook brand from a start-up into a globally-known business. I worked my way from graphic designer up to Creative Director, creating not just brand identity but also product development, marketing visuals, and the illustration style, while also leading a team of designers, illustrators, and multi-media designers.

Outside of work, I enjoy lifting weights, volunteering with a local animal shelter, traveling, and crafting with whatever medium I can get my hands on!

Being a lover of nature and a firm believer that our well-being affects all aspects of our lives, I was drawn to Pott Farms' values and their regard for the welfare of humanity, environment, nature, and community. I hope that with my role in Pott Farms, I'll be able to educate people on the benefits of regenerative farming and cannabis, while influencing change on the stigma of marijuana - and designing some cool stuff while I'm at it!



Carole McCabe, Supportive Employment Director

Carole McCabe, Supportive Employment Director

I was thrilled to discover Pott Farms while looking around for my next big adventure, and was immediately drawn to Robbin’s vision and her way of working. I have long believed that cannabis can help people live healthier and happier lives, and I love Pott Farm’s high standards and beautiful CBD oil.

As the founding Executive Director of Avalon Housing, a nonprofit providing affordable housing and supports for people who are homeless, I learned first-hand the critical role that sustainable employment plays in the health and stability of struggling families.  Combining a supportive employment program with regenerative cannabis cultivation is the best of both worlds for me - healing people and the planet.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to work outside and in tune with the natural world!  And I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of a mission-driven business based on love, justice and the interconnectedness of all living things.


Non-Managing Members

Pott Farms is guided by a diverse group of investors who support our vision of building an ethical cannabis company and includes entrepreneurs, business consultants, an accounting professional, a respiratory therapist, a telecommunication professional, and cannabis enthusiasts.