Soil Biology Testing

Soil Biology Testing

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A soil biology test will tell you: 

  • Bacteria biomass level  
  • Fungi biomass level  
  • Fungi to Bacteria (F:B) ratio  
  • Protozoa identification and count 
  • Nematode identification (function, either good or bad) and count 
  • Whether these results are in the correct range for the crop you want to grow, based on the stage of succession that is best suited for your crop.  
  • Identification of harmful microbial life that can indicate soil problems 

Evaluating your soil biology helps you know: 

If the right microbial life is present and in the right amounts.

If there are harmful microbial life that indicate problems in your soil.

If you are optimizing the power of nature to provide your plants the best growing conditions. 

To get your soil evaluated:

Step 1

Add the number of samples you want evaluated into your cart and pay online.

Step 2

Carefully read these instructions on how to collect your sample(s) and how to submit them.

Step 3

Samples will be evaluated using a microscope within 2 days of receiving them.

Step 4

Your soil biology report(s) will be emailed to you, along with photos of microbial life found.

Certified Lab Tech

Robbin Pott is certified to conduct soil biology evaluations by the Soil Food Web School founded by Dr. Elaine Ingham, the soil microbiologist credited with discovering the soil food web.

At Pott Farms, we routinely evaluate the life in our soil to ensure that we are maintaining the right conditions for growing healthy and resilient plants.

We believe that this is a useful tool for growing successful crops, and are now offering to do this testing for other growers interested in cultivating living soil.

Don't know much about soil biology? Check out our story on living soil.

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