Spring 2024 Newsletter

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Hello! The winter rye cover crop we planted last fall after harvesting our hemp is now growing by leaps and bounds. Keeping living plants in the ground year round is the best way to keep the microbial life in the soil fed and happy so they will be there for our hemp plants when they get transplanted out later in June. 


Cultivating living soil is at that heart of how we farm, and we've been practicing it for 5 seasons now.  Heading into our 6th, Robbin Pott just completed her Soil Food Web School training program and is now a certified consultant. 


This certification helps Robbin lead our on-the-farm supportive training program for young people who have experienced poverty and trauma, teaching them how to grow cannabis regeneratively in a supportive environment. And now, Robbin is offering Living Soil Services to help spread understanding of regenerative methods to all types of growers as another way to financially support our training program.


You can learn more about getting your soil biology assessed, setting up a time to talk, or about our small batch soil amendments below.

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Speaking of our supportive training program, we are currently running a Beekeeping Internship in anticipation of welcoming new bees to the farm. We have two young folks coming out once a week and they are learning all about how to care for bees. While the weather was still chilly, we started by cleaning, sanitizing and re-painting our bee boxes, and scraping wax from dozens of old frames. 


And then, we were lucky enough to get a bee swarm that was caught at Community Farm of Ann Arbor. Re-homing a bee swarm is exhilarating!! You can't really find the queen within the structure-less chaos of bees, but you can tell where she is by how the other bees behave.  Watch the rest of the swarm walk into their new hive, following the scent of the queen who must already be inside. 


We have three colonies now and our interns will be helping care for them throughout the season. We use the wax our hives produce as one of the key ingredients in our Topical CBD.




Our USDA certified organic hemp flower is regeneratively grown, slow-cured and hand-trimmed. And, it is completely legal since it contains less than .3% THC and does not cause intoxication.


Our Cherry Wine strain is sativa dominant and can have an energizing effect. Benefits may include easing feelings of anxiety, soothing feelings of discomfort, a relaxed feeling, and feeling focused and uplifted throughout the day.


Our Queen Dream strain is indica dominant and can have more of a body relaxing effect. Benefits may include easing feelings of tension, support for overall healthy sleep, soothing feelings of discomfort, and a feeling of balance and calm throughout the day.


Both can be a healthier alternatives to smoking tobacco.


Free shipping on all orders and proceeds go to support our supportive job training program!


Shop Organic Hemp Flower Products.


BONUS STORY: The farm became home to a goose couple this spring. We named them Margaret and Mitchell. Early in the season we saw them chasing off any other geese from the property as they grazed their way around the pond's edge. Then, it was just Mitchell in the yard. We took a stroll around the pond and found Margaret nestled on her eggs in a quiet secluded spot. Mitchell is never far away as he stands sentinel continuing to chase away other geese. His favorite hang out is our hemp field among our cover crop of winter rye. The babies have hatched but these excellent parents keep them from view most of the time so far.


Margaret sitting on her nest on the edge of the pond in the woods.



Mitchell patiently sitting guard in his favorite spot, our hemp field.

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