Our dog, Rosie, was very ill. She was losing weight, lost her appetite, and was mopey and lethargic. Our vet suspected that Rosie may have brain cancer and her prognosis was very poor. We decided to try CBD oil hoping that it would stimulate her appetite and help with any issues that were affecting her quality of life. Basically, we hoped it would make her more comfortable and perhaps give us some extra time with her. We were in no way prepared for the results.

It has now been 9 months and Rosie is a completely new dog. Her appetite quickly returned which stabilized her weight but, most surprisingly, the most significant changes were in her personality. Rosie was always a sweet, quiet, low energy pet, however she was never very expressive or communicative. She remains a very sweet gentle dog but now greets us every morning with energy and enthusiasm, carrying her toys around, wagging her tail and following us through the house. Never one for walks, she now is demanding about getting her daily walk and our silent dog now playfully barks when she sees dogs walking in front of our house. She really is a brand-new dog and in a word, happy.

Best of all, Pott Farms CBD Oil is organic and grown responsibly using sustainable farming methods. The folks at Pott Farms assisted with the dosing and the capsules are perfect for Rosie.

We are so pleased with the changes in Rosie and, whatever the future brings, we know that the CBD oil has given Rosie and our family months of happy days.

- Dan F.

Person walking dog.
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