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Hello & welcome!

As a CBD company, we believe how we do what we do is as important as what we produce. We are motivated by the great need to restore balance to our planet, to our relationships, and to ourselves, as much as by the growing trend to return to natural medicines. Increasingly, consumers are looking for alternatives to the status quo. They wish they could support disruptive solutions rather than continue to bolster harmful paradigms. To meet these changing dynamics, we strive to provide fair and equitable access to high quality CBD products that also have a positive impact on social, economic, and environmental justice.

One of the trickiest parts of being a CBD company right now is the restriction on what we can actually say about CBD itself. The first rule of marketing is to talk about the benefits of your product and how it will solve a customer's problem. We unfortunately cannot do that. The federal Food and Drug Administration currently prohibits CBD companies from making claims about the health benefits of their products until a full set of regulations are settled. Until then, it is up to consumers to do their own research on CBD products by talking to their healthcare providers and reading quality information. So, while the feds work out CBD regulations, we'll be focusing on all the many other benefits that come with purchasing Pott Farms' CBD.

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Starting with this introduction, we will be regularly publishing short pieces on all the different things that the company is doing. They will be meant to be quick and useful reads. Some of the planned topics include:

  • How permaculture principles guide our ethics
  • Regenerative farming techniques including specifics on how Biodynamics and the Soil Food Web influence our work
  • Composting - the key to creating and maintaining living soil
  • Growing hemp for CBD, fiber and grain
  • Our supported job training program that we are developing
  • Restorative justice
  • Beekeeping
  • All the potential usages of hemp - CBD, hempcrete, textiles and on and on
  • The soil food web and the organisms that populate it
  • Using a microscope to evaluate soil health
  • Education on how to dose CBD
  • How we develop our CBD oils and topicals

Our overarching purpose is to emphasize and leverage our connection to nature and to each other. We want to encourage and create abundance for all. We are learning as we go and hope you'll follow us. Maybe we can help you feel and create abundance in your life, too, along the way.

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