Our Vision

At Pott Farms, we are building a regenerative farming system dedicated to responsibly producing high quality hemp products, grounded in a commitment to social, economic and environmental justice.

What does it mean to us to be regenerative? It means that we are designing our systems to restore rather than deplete our resources and to fairly distribute the fruits of our work.

Permaculture principles guide our thinking, as we stay focused on how each company decision affects our three core ethics - care for people, care for our planet, and fair share for all.


Pott Farms' primary purpose is to take care of our people. We are creating a supportive employment program for heads of family households with social and economic barriers to stability. Through the provision of job training, social supports and fair wages and working conditions, Pott Farms helps stabilize families and communities.


Taking care of our environment is also essential to us. We farm organically and in living soil ideal for growing great cannabis that also restores health to our environment. Robbin Pott, cofounder and creator of Pott Farms, is trained by Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School to evaluate the health of soil using microscopy, and to create biocomplete compost and extracts to improve soil conditions. We also follow Biodynamic farming practices that guide our respect for the land as a complete living organism.


We are a low-profit, limited liability Michigan company (L3C) and equally distribute our earnings between three bottom lines - people, planet, and profits. That means we are a for-profit entity with investing members who choose to build their wealth while also contributing to the greater good. Pott Farms is committed to operating sustainably, and to offering fair wages and fair prices.

Pott Farms customers value our ethically produced high quality CBD products, and we are proud to be able to provide them the opportunity to support social, economic and environmental justice through their cannabis purchases.

We appreciate your support and your business!